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Whistler Home

Homeowner wished to renovate their existing 2 bedroom , 3 bathroom plus loft home into a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom (2 of them ensuites), more defined entry space and most of all a more open spacious living -dining-kitchen interacting space to entertain family and friends for their Recreational Whistler home.

With an existing overpowering large fireplace chimney, a sunken living room and a far too small kitchen it created a big design challenge within the existing space-plan and its limitations.

The wish was to maintain the character of the exiting exterior home and architectural style and keeping some of the existing interior wood cladding, but improving energy efficiency , allover performance in addition to better interior flow and function.

The very undefined Main Entry confused many “pizza deliveries “ thinking the concrete stairs would lead to the main entry, which only lead to a former rental suite. Defining the Main entry and a more welcoming brighter entry was important.

Removing the large chimney was a difficult decision, but it opened up more design possibilities for Lower Floor entry, open living room embracing and featuring the existing high ceiling.

An addition to rear yard made it possible to relocate the existing bedroom , adding another bedroom/ office , keeping the loft and flex-space and bathroom locations in place and redesign entry, kitchen , walk-in pantry and living room, renovating and upgrading all other spaces.