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Age-In-Place New Home

The existing home has come to its end-of-life and renovating was out of question in order to achieve modern standards, energy efficiency and an Age-In-Place friendly home.

Two brothers took the initiative to build a new home for their parents where they can enjoy their retirement with all the comfort to accommodate universal design and easy access. The new house design is also optimized for future value of space and flexibility, considering the rising costs of housing and hopefully investing in future benefits for their children and next generation, looking for affordable housing.

Meeting a budget was very important, but at the same time the clients wanted good quality where needed, modern technology and security systems.

A 4 Bedroom, 3 1/2 Bathroom house on a narrow and deep lot created challenges. The biggest one was to design the main floor for their parents needs with two bedrooms, easily accessible bathroom, laundry room, living and kitchen towards the backyard creating happy and bright spaces. A side ramp provides access for wheelchair either from the rear or the front in such a way that it becomes part of the landscape and visual attractive. The Upper floor has 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom and open to below den. A sunken patio in the rear to access the basement independently maintains future opportunities for the basement use.