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Laneway House - Vancouver

The best recommendation is the one, which comes from a former happy client, in this case, we got recommended to a relative living in Vancouver. The family was in desperate need of a renovation, because the house became unsafe and uninsurable. With the cost of housing rising, selling and moving was not an option. In addition they have two adult daughters, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, who needed to be cared for longterm.

It was very fortunate that the existing house placement and the lot size gave us the opportunity to consider building a LWH (Laneway House), which would provide them with their need down the road and even potential rental income. The client’s budget was tight and the design for the LWH needed to be a low as we can build and kept simple in its design. It is essentially a Mini-House with all the same separate service requirements as for the main residence.

The process for obtaining a LWH Permit requires some patience with the City of Vancouver, but after 2 years of planing and building it is almost all done --EXCEPT the landscaping, but this will come eventually

Laneway House-Vancouver