Texada Island Restaurant

Texada Island Restaurant

Texada Island

Awesome content goes here. It all started with a weekend on Texada Island in 2002 for an envision session. The goal was to create ideas for future land use of TIFR (Texada Island Forest Reserve). With Susanne’s input on environmental issues and her passion for green architecture, Phase 1 – building a restaurant / bed & breakfast and office for TIFR became a reality. Today ‘The Tree Frog’ is an important meeting place & restaurant for the islanders of Texada and visitors near Gilles Bay. It is a great accomplishment for all of us. Thank you Susanne and wishing all the best in contributing your design skills towards greener buildings.

TIFR, Texada Island Forest Reserve, who maintains large areas of forest on Texada, initiated the project. The objective was to build a timber frame building using their own lumber, and local natural materials for a restaurant and bed & breakfast for the local community and visitors. The budget was tight and the environmental impact and sustainability of the building was of prime interest.

It was an extremely enjoyable project to work on, getting involved with the Texada Islanders and getting them all excited seeing the building taking shape.

texada-plan1  texada-plan2 texeda-sketch




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