Mountain Highway

Mountain Highway



2014 GEORGIE AWARD GOLD “Best Residential Renovation 800K over”


North Vancouver

A run-down 2 level home on a steep slope with the danger that the house could slide into the existing creek on the property due to extensive erosion, the client had no other choice than repair and/ or renovation. With the strict guidelines for Creek Side Protections and the existing house being non-conforming, we were only allowed to rebuild within the perimeter of the house and add a garage to the front yard. A new house was not an option because of the limitation Stream guidelines and Zoning bylaws. The AFTER is unrecognizable compared to how it looked before. It is an amazing accomplishment managing all the challenges and giving the client exactly what they were looking for. Making this a successful renovation is only due to Shakespeare Homes Project management  skills and teamwork for all parties involved.


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