Meadfield Road

Meadfield Road



2006 Georgie Award Finalist – Best Kitchen Renovation


“With the decision to move from Germany to Vancouver, buying a house which needed immediate attention and repair, we hired Susanne to design and project manage the renovation of our new home. While still living in Germany and organizing our affairs, we had full confidence in Susanne in completing the renovation on time for our arrival to Vancouver. We love our home and most of all, our award winning kitchen.”
– The Heart of Home.

The clients were looking for a modern look and open floor space between kitchen and dining room benefiting from the gorgeous view, with consistent new walnut wood flooring throughout. The whole house needed to be redesigned in order to create a consistent modern and unusual look.

The condition of the house was very poor in every aspect — moisture penetration due to poor drainage or bad moisture barriers, poor flashing, sundeck structure unstable due to rotten structure, etc. A top to bottom
renovation was necessary — repairing all the moisture related issues and
structure and re-landscaping the exterior.


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