The “Raw-Food Life” Cafe Project

The “Raw-Food Life” Cafe Project

Does this all not look very delicious and healthy?

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There is a new “RAW FOOD” destination on the  North Shore in progress.  The goal is to create a HUB for everybody who is interested in a healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Natural and Organic Foods and learn how to incorporate this into your busy life through workshops and seminars.

Architect Don Stuart  asked  if Sensitive Design would like to be part of  the Design Team and of course I am  very excited about this project. We still want to keep a few secretes , but I will try to give you updates or answer any questions you have in mean time.

As you can see all we have at the moment is a very naked space, but it is filling in quickly, at least in our heads. ………

Raw food_2_960-resized

Existing Exterior

The naked Space

The naked Space


Do you have a question or would you like to work with me?

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