Doran Road

Doran Road



North Vancouver

This is a streamside development which is always challenging. Additionally the structure was built prior to 2008 before strict environmental rules were enacted by the District of North Vancouver.   The environmental Guidelines seek to protect important natural features and ecological functions in the District including streams and riparian habitats. The stream also presents geotechnical challenges to the design and construction. Sensitive Design  has developed an expertise in creating solutions to these often complicated issues. We must deal with the clients desires, the District’s rules and obviously build a safe structure that will last a lifetime.  It takes perseverance and experience to successfully get these Building Permits and complete these projects.Scan 1

Construction has just started on this Shakespeare Homes  renovation.  A plain , vinyl cladded,  house is being transformed into a modern,  open concept floorplan  for an active and social family.Scan



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